IF Computer is located in Germany and successfully operates in the world market of Knowledge Engineering, Scheduling and Planning for our customers in Europe, Asia and America.
IF Computer delivers high-quality products, actual know-how in project development and consulting, as well as support and training, from a single source. Synergy through products and projects in these areas enables us to provide the maximum benefit of this technology to all our customers.

IF Computer delivers custom made software solutions, not traditional applications but knowledge based systems and/or internet/intranet applcations for example: process optimisation, solutions for design and cutting problems, scheduling and planning, mostly with the use of constraint technology.

We implement your comptetive edge.

Company Data
IF Computer GmbH
Cecinastr. 37
D-82205 Gilching
Tel +49-8105-773 550
Fax +49-8105-773 553

Founded: December 6th, 1993

Managing Director: Dr. Andrew Verden

Jan 1982 - InterFace Computer GmbH, founded.
Dec 1993 - IF Computer GmbH, founded.

Group Companies:
IF Computer Japan Ltd (Tokyo, Japan)