MasterPiece Systems Ltd. is provider of software solutions in the floor covering industry. Their system supports the complete customer contact from measuring, planning and price calculation through to delivery and fitting. MasterPiece is currently successful in England and has won a SMART award from the UK Department of Trade and Industry for its innovation and potential.

IFComputer GmbH was contracted to develop a cutting plan optimisation tool to reduce material wastage as part of the on-site quotation and fitting processes.

Automatic Optimization

One of the most important aspects of MasterPiece is an optimization computation to reduce material wastage. Using the latest computing techniques a near optimal cutting plan is generated for both small and large jobs.

With MasterPiece the individual estimation phases are automated reducing erroneous calculations and improving the overall quality of the offer presented to the customer.

Intelligent On-Site Offer Calculation

MasterPiece may be used in various ways, on-site at a customers premises using a laptop computer or in the showroom of carpet distributors.

The system has been developed modularly and can be used separately or integrated in other existing software components. So can for examples a database with various carpet qualities, prices etc simply integrated.

The individual modules of MasterPiece are:
  • the customer job information
  • the cutting plan optimization
  • the calculation and invoicing

Customer Job Information
MasterPiece supports employees by the collection of measurement data, for example room shape and room dimensions are entered on-site by mouse click using a laptop. Un-specified measurements are completed automatically by the system.

The system is shows individual measurement errors and allows the operator to make the necessary changes. The entry of room features such as windows, doors, bays and fireplaces are especially well supported.

Menu-driven entry of all the customer rooms and their specific requirements for fittings are made. As well as the completeness of the process the presentation of the complete job ensures nothing is missed.

From this information an optimized cutting plan is calculated and an pricing utilizing, actual special offers and combinations of carpet and fittings is calculated.

The customer doesn't need to wait for his/her offer, they receive a copy of the complete, correct and easily modified offer, there and then.

The Cutting Plan Optimization
MasterPiece supports both interactive and automatic generation of cutting plans for one or many rolls of material, of possibly different width.

The plan may vary by changing the number of cuts permitted in a stair piece or specifying the pile direction for particular rooms.

The integrated optimization program calculates, for complex carpeting requirements such as a whole house or hall-stairs-landing combinations, a near to optimal solution in just a couple of minutes.

Typically, for the carpeting of a complete house an efficiency of 90% - 95% is obtained, with a wastage of no more than 10%. Utilisations of up to 98% are not uncommon.

After the optimization, when its required, a concrete on-site offer can be made. The system supports the complete process to incorporate all necessary information. Also, less experienced employees can be certain that their offer includes all data and is as good as the most experienced employees.

Alternative offers, budgeting to meet the customers pocket may be performed to the customers satisfaction.

When the customer is satisfied with one of the options presented, a complete offer and the plan for the fitters and costing can be made.

The picture shows an optimization with automatic cutting of individual stair cases.

MasterPiece -- Your Competitive Advantages
  • Reducing the Errors in the Offer
    Measurement errors are easily detected, calculation errors are nearly completely eliminated. The uncomfortable situation of having to correct a customer offer can be avoided, or in other terms the potential loss resulting from the job is avoided.
  • Professional Customer Presentation
    Good knowledge and error-free, quick offering and tailoring increases the trust and satisfaction for the customer.
  • Personnel Independence
    The quality of the offer made is less dependent on the qualification of the personnel, whereby personality, quality of service etc. naturally cannot be replaced but is enhanced through increased responsibility for the complete job.
  • Cost-saving through optimized cutting plan
    MasterPiece generates for simple problems a plan comparable to the most experienced in just a few seconds. For more complex problems the plan is delivered much faster and more optimal in a matter of minutes. Numerous test have been carried out.
  • Faster Offering
    The customer may receive an offer for the complete job on-site. Employees have the security of making a correct offer and may quickly present different options and possibilities to compare both price and the quality of carpeting solution
  • Faster Job Completion
    Through the complete customer process model which covers also communication between yourself and external contacts MasterPiece provides a faster more efficient way to support your customers.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction
    Your employees will have higher responsibility for the complete contact for a customer, rewarding them with increased satisfaction.

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