The optical retail chain Paris Miki deals with tens of thousands of lenses and frames but only a limited number of them are displayed at each shop and customers usually try on, only some of them.

IF Computer Japan Ltd has developed in accordance with the order of Paris Miki an expert design system for spectacle design. It is aimed to reduce inventory and at the same time to improve customer service.

In this system, the design of spectacles are made to order. A picture of a customer's face is taken and data regarding it are fed into the computer as input data. The system uses much higher resolution images than that shown above. The expert system proposes a design of the spectacles matching the customer's face. It visualizes the face with the proposed spectacles on the screen of the computer monitor. Based on the proposal and the consultation by the sales representatives, the design is fixed, which is transmitted from the graphics workstations to the manufacturing unit using a local area network in the boutique. The spectacles are completed within an hour.

As the base of proposing the design, the expert system uses among others data on the color of skin and hair of the customer, individual preference, optical knowledge and designer know-how to propose shape and color for fashionable and functional spectacles to match the wearer's personality and style.

When this project was finished, "the knowledge engineering interviews with InterFace Computer and the resulting documents helped to structure and organize our own expertise" said Mr. Hiroyuki Fujie, who is in charge of the system's development within Miki.

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