Shiftplan Manager for Hospitals
Medical departments in Hospitals have often complex varying tasks to perform; that must be manned round the clock. That differently qualified personnel who themselves have differing skill levels and training complicates further the task of creating effective shift rosters. Changes through illness and holiday must also be incorporated with minimum affect.

In Call Centers of large companies a similar problem arrises where qualified personnel must react to customer demands.

Shiftplan Manager from IF Computer and Siemens AG is a planning system specially developed for such application areas.

Shift plans are automatically generated, encompassing user entered activities and adhering to the aforementioned constraints. The graphical user interface allows the interactive editing and modification of plans. The user may of course ``break the rules''!

The advantages over traditional methods:
  • Automatic, fast plan generation
  • Completeness and transparency
  • Long-term planning
  • Efficient personnel utilisation
  • Automatic fulfillment of all criteria
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