Shiftplan Manager V2.0

The new Shiftplan Manager Version V2.0 is released. With the new version, the automatic planning has been further enhanced with various new selectable distribution rules. An improved graphical user interface allows the individual configuration of schedules.

A Part of a Schedule

It takes less than a day to fully configure Shiftplan Manager to model your planning requirements. Configuration consists of entering the personnel resources with different skills, defining regularly occuring shift patterns and their resource requirements, setting worked times, costs and distribution rules.

A resource-task skill matrix provides a clear overview of ``who-can-do-what'' allowing individual members to have specific skills.

Shiftplan Manager improves efficiency in both creating schedules and implementing often time consuming adjustments to the schedule while it is being performed maintaining complete coverage and checking for inconsistencies. Changes to the schedule as a result of illness or last-minute holiday are also easily rectified.

Hierarachical user access rights ensure that each step of the usage of Shiftplan Manager complies with data-protection laws where required and transparency in planning where desired.

Numerous other resource allocation problems can be tackled with Shiftplan Manager which is easily configured to model each different scenario. A schedule may be for months, weeks or days which may also be broken into part day shifts or hours.