Health Care Support with IF/Prolog

A Health Care Support System is used in numerous outlets of the Japan Health Club, a health insurance scheme, in Japan. The system processes the results of health checks and automatically generates the draft version of letters to patients, from the health check doctors.
More than 5000 different criteria of health, for example the results of patient interviews and numerous medical tests are combined to produce a diagnosis. The system uses more that 6000 rules describing symptons and prognosees to produce a draft report.

The draft report is then evaluated by doctors in the Kenko Club and the final result is passed on to the patient.

In the actual version of the system the doctors find it seldom necessary to make changes to the automatic evaluation and 99\% of the generated text remains unchanged. The Health Care Support System provides letters which are both more informative and easier to understand and has produced a very good acceptance by patients.

The costs associated with doctors and administration have been dramatically reduced. Human error, such as oversight of symptons or errors in diagnosis has been reduced, and the health check overall has also improved.

The system has been installed for over ten years and in 1998 approx. 100,000 people received a health report which was generated by the health care support system.

The developers of the system are now planning new rules for different test criteria specific to hospitals which specialize in certain areas of medicine. Also, special rules for health in the elderly are to be included.

The inference mechanism for the medical knowledge is implemented in IF/Prolog. The system was developed jointly by Kyushu Institute of Technology and the Kyushu National Hospital. Nau Data Co. Ltd is responsible for the sales and maintenance of the system. (only in Japanese)