Network Management

With a development investment of 42 man years the Integrated Network Management Services system (INMS) for the monitoring of heterogeneous networks has been developed in IF/Prolog, C and Java by Siemens AG.
Control, maintenance and error alarm management of large comunications networks are complicated not only due to the differences between transported data-formats (language, pictures etc.) but also from the propriety hardware and capabilities of the underlying switch technologies.

INMS implements a generic Network- and Service model with a consistent view of communications resources and facilities for the network administrator. It supports user definable correlation for the analysis of error alarms and also situation specific reactions to alarms based on user configuriable rules.

The available article describes in particular how Prolog based configuration of the underlying hardware technologies has been integrated in the different event correlation mechanisms.

The system is in use in numerous large firms and is being actively developed for both smaller and larger networks.