Download Shiftplan Manager for MS-Windows. Together with the free Evaluation Licence this allows you to immediately start your Shiftplan Manager based project and make a informed no-risk purchase decision later.

Please simply follow these steps:
  • Download Shiftplan Manager V2.0 including manuals for MS-Windows to your computer
  • To install the software on your computer, unpack the zip file and click on "Setup.exe"
  • Request a login password from support@ifcomputer.deand please do not forget to include your Name and Address

This version includes online help and Adobe pdf format manuals. If you have no Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer please download from

If you have any further questions, please contact directly.

Shiftplan Manager
Download V2.0 including the online manual in pdf-format.
The quick introduction to Shiftplan Manager for MS-Windows ...