Download IF/Prolog V5.3 for MS-Windows and UNIX
Evaluate IF/Prolog immediately by downloading and requesting a time limited evaluation licence from us.

Download the IF/Prolog Version 5.3 for MS-Windows.
To install on your computer, unpack the zip file and click on Setup.exe.
This version includes online help and pdf format manuals.
Request an evaluation Key.

UNIX and Linux
Download the IF/Prolog V5.3 for Linux, as a gzip'd tar file.
To install on your computer, unpack the tgz file with 'tar xvzf file; and follow the instructions in the README file. If you prefer IF/Prolog V5.3 Manuals 3.3Mb in pdf format then download these separately.
Request an evaluation licence key.

Other UNIX versions will be made available to download by contacting directly.

IF/Prolog for Windows
IF/Prolog for Linux
IF/Prolog for UNIX - IF/Prolog is available for Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX and other UNIX systems, please contact
Pdf-Manuals for UNIX
Evaluation licence key - Please request your evaluation licence key and do not forget to include your Name and Address.