IF/Prolog Online Licence Key Generator

Please obtain your licence password from ifprolog@ifcomputer.de

Your password entitles you to generate licence keys for each licenced platform with relevant software components. Your password alone identifies exactly what kind of licence should be generated.

Please ensure that you complete all information correctly before submitting this form.
Erroneous use should be reported to IF Computer to ensure that all further licence keys are generated correctly.

To generate your licence please complete the following information and press Submit.
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Licence Password 
Machine I.D.     
The Licence Password is the password supplied by IF Computer.
The Machine I.D. is the 8 digit hexdecimal code obtained by either:

1. trying to start IF/Prolog
2. executing the command machid.

An example machid is: 0xf234abcd.

You only have one chance to obtain a particular licence.
When you are absolutely sure all information is correct press: