Products from IF Computer are complete software solutions for specific areas and comprehensive software components for strategic information systems. We offer high level programming systems and tools
for solutions in personnel planning, route planning, resource allocation, and complex optimisation.

IF Prolog - intelligent solutions:
IF Prolog is an advanced ISO Prolog engineering tool for use in industrial and commercial environments. IF/Prolog has a rich set of interfaces to: C, Java, databases. IF/Prolog is available on MS-Windows and UNIX platforms. The Constraint Technology Package enables the development of efficient solutions to planning and scheduling problems. IF Prolog

Shiftplan Manager - Automated person -nel rostering:
Shiftplan Manager is a shift planning system especially designed for personnel scheduling in Hospitals, Call Centers, Factories and other social environments. Shiftplan Manager

Resource Manager - Intelligent resource allocation:
Resource Manager is a configurable tool for the for the general planning and scheduling of resources within a time frame. Resources are intelligently placed and optimised for many scheduling scenarios. Resource Manager

MasterPiece - Optimisation for the Carpet-Industry:
MasterPiece is a system for on-site calculation and offering of carpet plans and to minimize the wastage of carpeting material. MasterPiece